Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Wishes

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I can’t believe Angel # 1 is turning 7 years old in nine days. When did I get so old? I feel way too young to have a child that old. Seriously, I feel like I’m trapped inside of an aging body with a 19 year old brain still running strong. Weird!

In two days, I will be hosting Angel # 1′s kids’ birthday party. In my family, we always have 2 parties. One for kids and one for the family. Fortunately, my Angels still love having “house” parties.

Believe it or not, the trend seems to be birthday parties out of home. So this is a wonderful, inexpensive option for us.

However, I must come up with themed ideas. This is where I tap into my creative side and think back to what I would have wanted as a little girl.

We agreed to have a “Daytime / Afternoon Slumber” party. The girls will arrive in their PJ’s. We will have pizza, popcorn, make your own sundaes & a movie. I may even throw in some spa services for the girls, like nail painting and cucumbers on the eyes.

I think 7 years old is too young to have girls over for a sleepover. Maybe one girl but not 12. This is a nice alternative. Plus, who really wants to get a phone call at 2 am from their daughter saying,”Come pick me up, I’m not sleeping here!” It happens.

I trust the party will be a success. If not, oh well! We gave it our best. Honestly, a group of girls getting together eating junk food and giggling for a few hours sounds like a whole lot of fun. Sign me up!

Wish me luck! I know that once the party ends – I will be cracking open a bottle of wine.

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