Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Will You Be Wearing?

Hallowe’en is just days away. Are you ready? What will you be rockin’ this year?

We decorated the outside of our house last week. It is a mix of scary & cute. Weird and kinda creepy at the same time. The Angels love it.

I finally got the Angels to nail down their costumes. They were forever changing their minds. For the longest time, Angel # 2 was determined to be Tinkerbell. Then at the last minute, she changed her mind…no surprise there. She will be an Angel for Hallowe’en this year. Yes – she had a little help from Mommy on that one :)

I tried to convince Angel # 1 to dress up like a Devil. She wasn’t into that idea. At least I tried! She will be going out dressed as an 80′s Punk Rocker Chick. Again – a little help from Mommy.

Seeing as I am helping out in Angel # 2′s class on Hallowe’en, I thought it best to dress up as well. You know, to share in the festivities – hopefully some candy too! I will be going out as a LadyBug.

Can I tell ya? I just freakin’ love the Dollarama. The store is genius. Seriously – such a well managed company. You can find anything in that store.

I bought ALL three of our costumes (or stuff to at least make the costumes) for UNDER $20. I love a good deal.

I hope the weather is nice – nothing like a cold or wet Hallowe’en. Stay warm. Stay safe.

Happy Trick or Treating.

Simply Yours,


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