Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Travel Troubles

Every year The Husband and I go away with the kids somewhere tropical to escape the winter blahs. With the weather turning colder everyday, I can’t wait to get away to the Caribbean.

This coming January we decided to try something different. We’ve decided to go away for a week sans kids. Yup that’s right. The Angels will be staying home this trip.

That is of course – our trip plans follow through.

You see, The Husband and I booked a trip earlier in the year with friends. Five couples decided to break free from the kiddies and go away together. Perfect, right?

Yes – it was all perfect. We had paid in full with a set schedule to depart on Sunday, January 8th to Punta Cana. All was going well. Almost too well.

We got a call a week or so ago from our dear friends advising us that the place we were going to is no longer in operation. The all-inclusive resort is changing chain names effective immediately. This all-inclusive ADULTS only resort, is now a FAMILY resort.

So here comes the dilemma.

All five couples panicked – naturally. Everyone has arranged babysitting and time off work.
Now – we have to start planning again from scratch. Problem is – we are at the mercy of Air Canada. You see – they have ALL our money.

The agent we are dealing with is trying to get us in the same chain (high-end) in Jamaica. Apparently they have set aside rooms for all of us. Now we have to work on flight schedules.

Again, this is all in Air Canada’s hands. We are still waiting for an update.

I will worry until we are safe and sound in Jamaica with our friends. I’m a skeptic now. My fingers are crossed that all goes well.

I’ll keep you posted!

Simply Yours,


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