Monday, October 3, 2011

Remembering Mich

Today Mich would be turning 45 years old. I thought it was a good idea to honour her in today’s blog post.

Happy Birthday Auntie Michie!

It was roughly 9 months ago that Mich passed away due to complications arising from breast reconstructive surgery. We miss her greatly.

Her Facebook account is still active. Her friends post little wall messages to her regularly. I can’t help myself reading them…guaranteed to make me shed a tear.

Ever since Mich was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2008, my family and her friends participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure event.

This year was no different. Yesterday we all gathered and carried the tradition forward. I always find this day to be super emotional. You see everyone walking around with t-shirts, those who survived and those who didn’t. This year we were a part of the “those who didn’t survive” group. It’s very sad to think we are now walking without her.

Really?? Did it have to rain. Yes – Mich. We heard you. You were pissed you weren’t walking with us too!

Run for the Cure is a great cause. I’m happy to help raise breast cancer awareness. I’m constantly amazed by the growing number of young women getting diagnosed with this terrible disease.

We need to be Mich’s voice – she felt strongly about this cause. I have a very loud and outgoing family. I think we will honour her wishes just fine. I also think she had such an great circle of friends who are also doing an amazing job on her behalf.

So everyone eat a cupcake for Mich and blow out a candle. Remember to make a wish.

My wish – to see you in my dreams tonight, Mich.

Simply Yours,


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