Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Pains

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Growing up is so hard. I forget what it is like to be a kid at school. The other day Angel # 1 came home at lunch. She was very upset about a girl at school (an older girl) who had insulted her. I was quickly reminded how hard being a kid can be.

Angel # 1 was devastated that an older girl insulted her artwork. The younger kids were drawing tattoos (with markers) on the kids. Everyone was lining up to get their unique tattoo. Angel # 1 was one of the tattoo artists. She drew a butterfly on the older girl’s hand. That’s when things started to go downhill.

Apparently, the older girl was bullying the younger kids around. She was telling them what to do, and how to do it. She was budding in line, insulting the tattoo artists, etc…

Angel # 1 was so upset. She told me she turned her face away from the older kids so they wouldn’t see her tears.

My heart bleeds for her. I can just imagine how horrible this felt for her. After listening to her vent for 10 minutes (she was very bothered by this), I decided to offer up some Mommy advice.

As always, I gave her some options. I told her she could stand up for herself and let the older girl know that it is not nice to be mean. I told her she could walk away and stay away from the older girl. Of course, The Husband had to get his two cents in. He told her he could teach her some Jiu Jitsu. Love him! He thinks everything should be handled with self-defense :)

Angel # 1 wanted to tell her that Santa Claus doesn’t visit mean little girls. I quickly adverted that one by telling her that not all kids celebrate Christmas. My Angels still believe in the magic. The last thing I need is for some older kid to kill the mystery for my little ones…which I know is coming. I’m just delaying it as long as possible. I say if you stop believing – he stops coming. I BELIEVE!!

I really stressed the importance of fighting back with your words. I explained that kids will be mean. Not everyone will like her or her artwork. I let her know – that’s okay. What is important is that she believes in herself. I know – I sound like an after-school special.

It’s important for kids to learn to resolve their own conflicts. It’s all apart of growing up. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to step in and have a few words with the little bugger at school. Naturally, your instincts kick in and you want to protect your loved ones.

I can only hope we give her the right tools so she can make smart decisions and stand up for herself. My real hope is that she told the little girl where to go and how to get there.

I will never know! Growing pains – they’ve only just begun!

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