Monday, October 10, 2011

Glub Glub

The Angels have been bugging The Husband and I for years about getting a pet. After the basement flood, Chris and I found an old fish tank tucked in a storage space. We talked it over with the Angels and agreed to buy them fish once the basement renos were complete.

Finally, after waiting 5 weeks, we can now use our basement again. And – we had to make good on our promise to buy fish.

So, a week ago Friday, after school we took the Angels to the fish store. Did you know that a fish tank needs to be full with water and fish free for 7 days? WTF? Really!?!

We readied our tank the night before.

After seeing the disappointing look on the Angels faces, we decided to take a gamble. We came home with 2 “bigger” and more expensive goldfish (as in $4 each, instead of the 0.50 cent ones). Yeah – we have premium goldfish.

The Angels are thrilled. Chris tried to convince them that owning fish is far more exciting than owing a dog. They weren’t buying that one! Nice try, honey!

Photo courtesy of Angel #1

Unfortunately, I think we have a spastic fish on hand. This one goldfish, named Diamond by Angel # 2, is a little nutty. Okay, a lot nutty. He swims around the fish tank like he is insane. Super fast, crazy and upside / right-side up.

Maybe the guy at the fish store was right – maybe we should have let the fish tank settle for 7 days. Oops!

Anyhow, The Husband did some research online to see how we could cure the fish of his crazies. It turns out Diamond probably has some gas issues. So we fed him mushed up frozen peas. Apparently this is supposed to cure fish gas problems. I wonder if it works on people too!?!

So alas, we have pets. I wonder how long the Angels will care about them? I keep my fingers crossed every morning when I get downstairs that I don’t see a floater…because…it will be then, that the drama starts.

Glub, Glub!

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