Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Favourites – Black Dagger Brotherhood

Happy Friday everyone!

Did you ever read the Twilight Saga? I did. I have no shame in that. I LOVED the books. I couldn’t wait to get into bed every night and read. The Husband would get so annoyed. He’d say, “Got a date with vampires tonight, babe?” Yup – I did.

A couple of weeks back at a party, I got to talking with a bunch of girlfriends. We were reminiscing about reading the Twilight Saga. We all enjoyed reading them so much. It’s like crack for Moms.

Just when I thought I had had enough of vampire related stories, my girlfriend loaned me a series of books. She assured me that if I loved the Twilight books, I wouldn’t be able to put these books down.

She was right – I’ve been a reading machine lately. I’m reading Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. They are so good. So bad – they are good.

There are many books in the series. Not sure how many. I was loaned 6 of them and they are roughly 400 pages each. I thought – I’ll never make it through all of them in good time.

Never say never! I’ve started the 5th book this week. I can’t put them down.

I’d say these books are a cross between a Danielle Steel romance novel and a vampire saga. Seriously! They are so juicy. Smut at its best.

So here I am again, date night with the books. If you are into vampires then I highly recommend The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Such an entertaining read. And hell, if they end up spicing up the marriage – I say so be it. There’s no shame in that!

Happy Reading – Happy Weekend!

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