Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Different Strokes, Different Folks

The Angels never cease to amaze me. How is it that the same mother and father can create two completely different beings? I’m always surprised by this.

I have two daughters who look completely different and act completely opposite.

Angel # 1 is a darker blond with such a soft and sweet personality. She is a little shy, compassionate and considerate. Angel # 1 takes good care of her stuff and keeping her room organized. She has been working so hard every week to earn her $1 allowance. We are most impressed.

Angel # 2 is as blond as can be. She is sassy, smart and outgoing. She doesn’t like to keep things neat and tidy. She wants to earn an allowance but doesn’t want to do any of the work needed to get it. When Angel # 2 plays in the playroom, it’s like a bomb went off. Nothing is in order – chaos everywhere…big smile on her face.

The other day I was picking up Angel # 2 after JK. She came out of class and recited verbatim what she had learned about Terry Fox. I was amazed at how much she could recall. Unbelievable. She understood that he ran across Canada. He had one leg and died of Cancer. I guess being neat and tidy is not important. The child has an incredible memory. It got a little bit sketchy when Angel #2 was convinced she got to meet Terry Fox. I gave up trying to explain to her that he died a long time ago. Is it wrong to let her believe she met him? I don’t think it will hurt anyone.

Angel # 2 is neat and tidy at home…but…at school, the child is so, so, subdued. I guess that’s the word I will use to describe her. Ask her what she did at school and she will tell you she can’t remember. Don’t get me wrong, she’s bright just not as outspoken as her younger sister. She just doesn’t seem as eager or excited about school.

I can see a little bit of both the Angels in me. I see them in “The Husband” as well. And, they have a little bit of themselves – their own flavour / spice.

The joy of parenting. It never gets old in our house.

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