Monday, October 31, 2011

Crazy Weekend

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My body is screaming at me. I just spent the last 30 hours in training this weekend. I am training to teach another discipline at the gym I work for.

You would think that after a weekend filled with yoga poses, tai-chi and pilates that I wouldn’t feel any pain.


My body aches! I do feel great though. The training was UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve never felt so relaxed (and sore) simultaneously. I am feeling crazy centered right now.

Now I just have to learn the remaining choreography, practice teaching a ton and then….shoot a video. My goal is to be teaching this new discipline at a gym near you by January.

The training continues…and maybe a hot bath!

PS – I met a woman who’s blog I follow. She is also familiar with mine. The weird part – she’s from out West. How does that happen? Small world. I think we may have just become fast friends.

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