Thursday, October 20, 2011


I hate chores – don’t you? Cleaning the house royally sucks the big one!

I wish someone could clean my house for me. Once upon a time, I did have a cleaning lady. After the birth of Angel # 2, my family wanted to give me a gift. I asked them for a cleaning lady. What a treat!

Really – I think having a cleaning lady is a luxury. When we moved to our second home, I told The Husband I would give up a cleaning lady. I really wanted to move to a bigger house. This all sounded like a good idea at the time. Now – really – what was I thinking!?! I’m eating my words.

I always break up the chores into chunks. I don’t try and clean the entire house from top to bottom in one day – it takes far too long. So I start by cleaning the bathrooms on one day, vacuuming the other, etc… This way it breaks the job up and seems a little bit more manageable.

I hear there is a robot vacuum on the market. I wonder if it actually works. We don’t have any pets (other than fish) but we might as well have a dog. I swear with three girls living in the house – I’m constantly finding blond long hair all over the floors. We shed like crazy.

You know it’s time to break out the vacuum and cleaning supplies when the sun shines in and the blond hair glistens against the hardwood floors.

And really – what’s up with dusting? I’ve never understood the point. Seriously – you dust, and stir the stuff up. Ten minutes after cleaning, the dust settles back down. Such a time waster. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I’ve tried it all, the Swiffer thing, a damp cloth, Pledge. You name it, I’ve tried it. What’s your trick?

I’m a total neat freak. Really!! I’m actually quite insane about things being tidy and in the right spot. But I seriously hate cleaning. I need to channel my inner Martha Stewart. I love how she does things…or should I say how her team does things.

That’s it – I need a team! I’m recruiting the family. Divide and conquer – this will be the game changer in our house. Mom’s on a mission!

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