Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I love coffee. I especially love drinking the specialty coffees (you know of the Starbucks variety). I actually have to moderate how much coffee I consume in a day. I limit myself to 2 cups a day. I like it first thing in the morning to give me the needed jolt to kick start my day.

I remember when I first started drinking coffee. I was in my 2nd year of University. I was studying for exams. I thought I would give coffee a try. So I made a pot. No one told me not to drink the entire pot of coffee. Needless to say after I drank it all, I had a case of the serious shakes. I thought something was wrong with me. I called The Husband, who was then the boyfriend. He told me I was buzzed on the coffee and that I should drink lots and lots of water.

That’s what I call a caffeine high. I haven’t done that since.

But foolishly the other night I thought it would be nice to enjoy a latte from Starbucks – a pumpkin spiced latte. Delicious! I thought – no big deal. I won’t be going to bed for another 3 hours. My bad!

Dumb Ass!

I tossed and turned for HOURS. I swear I didn’t fall asleep until 2am. Again, DUMB ASS!

I won’t be drinking any caffeinated drinks before bed ever again. Lesson learned!

Do you drink coffee? How many cups a day do you have? Do you like the caffeine buzz? I would love to hear from you.

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chris April 17, 2013 at 3:46 pm

OMG I totally remember you calling me with the coffee buzz. So funny!


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