Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Negotiators

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The Husband and I have created little negotiators.  I can’t get over how well the Angels negotiate…about EVERYTHING.  They are experts at asking for just that little bit extra.





Here are some examples of their negotiating tactics:

  • “Just one more minute of snuggles tonight Mom because Daddy isn’t home.  Come on – it’s only fair.”

My response: Okay this seems like a reasonable request.  One more minute of snuggle time.

  • “Well – I’m not eating my dinner, unless I get a dessert.”

My response: Then STARVE.

  • “If you don’t buy this for me, I’m not going to love you anymore.”

My response:  This one actually stings a little.  I guess the Angels will just have to grow up hating me – ALL THE TIME.

  • “Just one Mommy, okay 5 then, alright fine, I’ll take 3.”

My response:  I said JUST ONE.

And the list continues.  The Angels are smart little devils.  And, sometimes their tactics actually prove successful.

They are even perfecting the art of double binds.  I’m telling you –  they will soon outsmart us all.

Simply Yours,


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Marsha September 20, 2011 at 11:51 pm

They have had good teachers:)


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