Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Stoked

I just bought new boots.  I’m so happy, I’m doing the happy dance.  I can’t believe I actually ponied up the money and bought my very first pair of Hunter Rain boots.  I’ve only wanted a pair of these for years now.  They are all the rage in my hood.  I was holding off buying them for so long because they are ridiculously expensive. I mean COME ON. They are just freakin’ rain boots. Really!?!

I was so happy to find out they make them in kids’ sizes. Yes, I have small feet. Sometimes it pays to have small feet. I got my Hunter boots for HALF PRICE. That’s right – you heard me. HALF PRICE. Yeah for me!

I’ve been doing some digging online to figure out all the Fall trends. Polka dots, colour blocking, blazers, and flared jeans are huge this season.  As are silk blouses, denim shirts, etc…

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes. I like to change up my style often. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Zara, J Crew, Asos, etc.. .like the rest of you but the prices are too much. I do, however, think it is worth spending good money on a properly fitted name brand jean. I mean it’s all about the BUTT. That said, I’m so happy when I find a sale.  Like, really HAPPY.

I was over at Yorkdale mall checking out the new J Crew store…nice BTW. A little out of my budget. They’ve restocked the stores with velvet blazers because they are so popular. Yeah – and they cost a small fortune. I came home to my closet and discovered an old emerald green velvet blazer that I guess I held on to for good reason. Another score for me – green is also big this season.

I’m always purging my closet. This season my goal is to mix & match my existing wardrobe to come up with the maximum number of outfits. I may have a few mishaps…perhaps I should take a page out of Angel # 1′s book – she will mix any pattern together. Sometimes with success – sometimes not.  I say it’s worth a shot.  I’m going shopping in my closet.

Here are a few of my Fall wardrobe essentials: the ever popular skinny jean, flared jean, cargo pant, blazer, pumps, biker boot, bling (lots and lots of it – layered), Hunter boots, and a trench coat.  I’m set.

I’d love to hear your passion for fashion.  Happy first day of Fall.

Simply Yours,


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