Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Milestones

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. We had an extended summer this year, leaving for France in June and all. But man – does it ever go fast. Summers are far too short in Canada. My fingers are crossed we have a long & warm Fall. Remember November last year? It was freakin’ amazing!

We experienced so many new things this summer. We got to expose the girls to a new culture, see the sites, eat amazing food / wine and spend time all together, all the time. (This is good and bad :) )

If you ask the Angels what their favourite part of summer was, they will tell you that it was, “All the time we spent together as a family”. I’m most impressed with what they have taken away from that. Smart cookies – really makes you think about what’s really important.

Aside from growing like a bunch of weeds, the Angels learned new skills. All summer long, Angel # 1 was convinced that she would ride her bike with training wheels forever. But we weren’t supposed to tell anyone. The other day, The Husband, took off her training wheels.

You know what?

In one day, the child has learned to ride her bike (almost effortlessly) without assistance. Angel # 1 is unbelievable. She is so determined, and focused. She was ready and just didn’t know it yet. So with a little assistance from Daddy (Mommy could never handle this), Angel # 1 perfected her biking riding skills. Hats off to you girl!

I was surprised by Angel # 1′s frustration. She really has high expectations of herself. When she wasn’t getting the technique down immediately, she didn’t give up and demanded to be taken out 2 more times that day to practice. We kept congratulating her on a job well done – but that wasn’t enough. Angel # 1 wanted to master the skill in one day. I hope she continues to have high standards as she grows up. I guess it’s our job to let her fail and let her know that it’s okay as long as you try your best.

The Angels have also been making huge strides in the swimming pool this summer. Angel # 1 is capable of swimming 2 widths of the pool without stopping doing freestyle (front crawl). Angel # 2 is also capable of swimming about 15 metres of the pool without assistance. She too is trying out front crawl.

I had no idea how athletic my children are. There you have it – Mommy is proud. Here’s to summer milestones.

Special shout out to The Husband, who turns 37 today. He has reached a new milestone :) Happy Birthday, Babe.

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Claudette September 5, 2011 at 9:17 pm

Summer, sad to see it go.


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