Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Performance Anxiety

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I teach fitness classes 3 x a week at a gym. We have a choreographed routine to follow.

The other day I completely blanked on stage during the warm-up routine. I had to make up on the spot the entire section.

I must have looked like a deer in headlights up there. It was probably very funny to witness. Unfortunately for me, I felt like a complete loser.

I hate messing up. Slight perfectionist – yes, I know. Mistakes happen – we’re only human – but I hate it just the same. It’s a good thing I have all that training from synchro competitions. You learn to shake it off, pick up where you can and keep going.

The members were super cool. I acknowledged the fudge and they said they wouldn’t have even noticed it if I didn’t say anything.

I recovered for the remainder of the class and got myself back on track.

For some reason I got all flustered before the start of class and must have suffered from performance anxiety.

Ever happen to you?

Sometimes I can be such a dork!

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