Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freakin’ Fruit Flies

We have an invasion of fruit flies in the house. I don’t know what started it but the little buggers are everywhere. The Husband thinks they started breeding in the basement after our flood. We had garbage that was left there and never taken out. He may just be right.

I hate fruit flies. You don’t just get one annoying fly buzzing around you. It’s more like a thousand of them. They are so small it looks like you are swatting air. We look like a bunch of crazies at our house these days.

I checked online to see what sort of home remedies you make to eradicate the suckers. Apparently, they like apple cider vinegar or anything with a little vinegar for that matter. Make sure to add a bit of dish soap so their wings get slippery and they drown.

Seems cruel… but not really…the other night they wouldn’t leave my wine glass alone. A girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do. I decided to leave a small amount of wine in my glass covered with Saran Wrap. Such a shame, a travesty really wasting good wine but I’ve trapped tons as a result. Small price to pay!

They are driving me bonkers. Just so you know…they have like a lifespan or something of like 10 days. They keep procreating.

Don’t leave any fruit bowls on the counter. Everything has been dead bolted inside the fridge at our house.

Never fear they will go away eventually. Do you have any bug problems? Pests annoying the hell out of you lately?

Simply Yours,

PS – Something special and different for you on Friday…see you then!


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