Thursday, August 25, 2011

What’s with the Wasps?

It’s that month of the year when the wasps are out in full swing – out with a vengeance. I can’t get over the sheer number of wasps in Toronto. While we were away in France, there were virtually no bugs. But here – everywhere you turn, there’s the dreaded insect.

I’m particularly sensitive to the wasps right now. When we got home from France, we were welcomed with a wasp nest under our deck.

How did we discover it?

Well poor Chris, he got stung not only once, but twice…in either side of his neck…at the same time. Call it a new kind of acupuncture, if you will. The Husband managed to take down the wasp nest successfully before anyone else was inflicted with the pain that comes with a wasp sting. It hurts like a bugger – and – you want to cry like a baby. It’s okay – sometimes we all need a good cry :)

I’ve read that in late summer, once all the plants are in full bloom, the wasps no longer get what they need from them. That’s when they become a serious nuisance and swarm the tables at mealtime. They also don’t mind taking a bite out of you!

Anyhow, just wondering if any of you have wasps stories to share or any solutions for eradicating the buggers? What purpose do wasps serve anyway?

Love to hear from you!

Simply Yours,


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