Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Players

Ithought it might be a good idea to introduce you to my family – hence “The Players”. These three people happen to be the most important beings in my life. I have a lot other family members and friends too who play an important role in shaping who I am today. But for now – the focus is on the main players.

Here we go….

Chris is my husband or “The Husband”. He is tall, blond, smart and gorgeous. I think so at least. We have been together over 15 years. In fact, on August 18th, we will be celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long – I don’t feel old enough to have been with him that long.

There is no secret recipe, pill or magic to the success of our marriage. It is HARD WORK – period. I don’t claim to have a perfect marriage – far from it. Chris and I are always working together to improve it! The main thing is we both want it to work.

The two best pieces of advice I ever got relating to marriage were from my mother and my mother in-law. Mom always said growing up that marriage was like a job. You have to work at it. When you stop working at it – you get fired. I’ve never forgotten these words – they have stuck with me my entire life.

My mother in-law also imparted some wisdom. She believes (and I agree) that there are 3 stages in a marriage. You have life together pre-kids, life with kids, and life after your kids are grown-up and living on their own. Through all these stages you have to stay connected and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Smart ladies! Chris and I are lucky to have great examples to model.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to the Angels. I don’t refer to my girls by their names, nor do I post detailed pictures of them. I’d like for them to still have some anonymity. They actually like to moderate my blog from time to time.

It was not that long ago that I gave birth to these 2 precious beings. Mom was right – you never forget the birth of your children. It’s an incredible time – also the worst freakin’ pain EVER! I think giving birth is a precursor for what lies ahead. What I mean by that is – giving birth sucks. Yes – some people love it and feel so connected. I say – BS! It’s not fun! But after you give birth, you feel so much love towards this little baby. Throughout the child rearing years, kids will be a royal pain in the ass and cause you a lot of pain. But the love you feel towards them is – overwhelming! I’m just saying…see the connection?

Angel # 1 will turn 7 in the Fall. How did that happen? When did I get so old? Oh that’s right – I’m not old – just wiser! She is a beauty…inside and out. She’s caring, generous and thoughtful. She’s also almost as tall as me. Not kidding :) I’m vertically challenged. All 5 feet of me. I may be small – but – I am mighty! Angel #1 currently thinks she can speak to animals. We have our very own Dr. Doolittle.

Angel # 2 is 4 and starting Kindergarten in the Fall. She’s equally stunning. But she has this special kind of spunk that makes her a whole lot of fun. She’s not as tall as me yet – but you never know. Angel # 2 is going through the “I hate you” stage. Not so much fun!

Chris and I both feel so blessed these Angels are in our lives. We also work very hard to mold these beings into respectable people. It takes WORK. HARD WORK. It is not easy. It’s actually a very thankless job at this stage. My fingers are crossed it gets better. We want our Angels to grow up confident, assertive and successful human beings. This is no easy task. That’s why sometimes I refer to my Angels as Devils. Watch out! They can turn on you in a heartbeat. Chris and I definitely have our hands full and our work cut out for us!

So there you have. I have endless stories to share about these Players. Keep coming back!

Simply Yours,


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