Monday, August 22, 2011

I Survived

Once a year we go camping with friends in the summer. I HATE camping. The Husband and Angels love camping.

The idea of sleeping on the ground doesn’t excite me, nor does being dirty all weekend. I don’t enjoy washing dishes out of a small pot with cold water, or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. There’s a long list of reasons why I hate camping. But the main reason I hate camping is because EVERY TIME I go it rains. No lie! It doesn’t just drizzle – we’re talking – torrential downpour.

I only go camping so I can hang with great friends / great company. The adults socialize while the kids run around playing. It’s fun – pure and simple. And, the alcohol doesn’t hurt either.

This past weekend we decided to change things up. Not only did we camp but I competed in my very first Try-A-Tri (mini triathlon). And guess what? I survived it!

Our other friends have done the Try-A-Tri before. This was Chris and I’s first time. I was so nervous before the start. I thought I was going to pee my pants the entire time. Of course, it rained – so even if I did pee – no one would be able to tell. I kid – no peeing :)

The horn sounded and off we ran into the water. I was getting kicked and grabbed in the water. It was like swimming with a bunch of dead bodies floating around you. Bizarre. Anyhow, I broke away from the pack by pushing someone out of the way and finished the swim in okay time. Not great – room for improvement.

Next, I moved on to the bike. This is where I took a whopping 38 minutes to ride 10 km. That’s right. You heard it first, I take just as long riding downhill as I do biking uphill. The roads were slippery and I was on the brake the entire time. I’m cautious.

When it was time for my run, Chris and the gang were finished the entire event. Did I mention I was wearing a bright GOLD swimsuit? I like to compete in style. And let me tell you – everyone was commenting on how fantastic the suit looked, that they recognized me and that I must be a winner. I told the synchro ladies I would do it – and I did. (Photo coming soon)

The Try-A-Tri was a success. I actually completed the entire thing. I got smoked mind you. Chris finished in about 46 minutes, our friends completed it shortly after him. I finished in just over 1hr 9 mins. Laugh all you want – I’m just happy that after 10 lazy weeks in France this summer, I didn’t suffer from heart failure.

Before the triathlon I was telling my bestie that I could check this off my bucket list. She said, “You’ll be back”. I said, “No way man – this is it!”. You know what? She was right. Would I ever compete in another Try event – HELL YES!

The weekend was a blast – can’t wait for next year (no rain please). In the meantime, we came home to a flooded basement. Yup – I’ve got work to do. Tell you more about it tomorrow.

Simply Yours,


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Celeste August 22, 2011 at 7:04 pm

AMAZING…..loved the story and “way to go” Vanessa, I’m so proud of you!! That really sucks that you came home to a flooded basement though :-( Hope everything will be ok. ~Looking forward to the pic of your gold bathing suit~


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