Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Accidental Cut

After spending 10 weeks in France for the summer, I’ve gotten a little thick around the middle (if you know what I mean).  Ten weeks of eating nothing but baguette, pain au chocolate, cheese, rich meats and drinking excess wine, I’ve put on a few pounds.

Okay, more than a few pounds – Whatever!

So the serious fitness junky I am, I headed back to the gym first thing on Monday morning.  It was like I never left.  Everything felt automatic, the drive, the parking, the entry, the set-up – until, the workout!  Ugh – I was shaking so bad, I thought my legs were going to give out on me.

I’ve got some serious overtime to put in at the gym this week.  We are competing in a Try-A-Tri this coming weekend.  It seemed like a good idea signing up for it before we left for France…now I’m not so sure.  My goal – to complete the damn thing.  I will keep you posted on how I survive it.

The workout felt great.  I’m feeling pumped to be back.  Except for the accidental cut.  I returned to the change room after my workout to find a note on my locker.  The note read:

“Sorry, we accidentally cut off your lock.  We have your purse at the front desk.  We will give you a new lock”.

What ???

Apparently some member was convinced my locker was hers.  She actually managed to convince the staff to cut the lock because she was getting so frustrated she couldn’t get the combination right.  Duh!?!  That’s because you had the WRONG locker, woman!

I’m happy the gym has provided me with a new lock – but – CRAP.  I’ve had the same lock since High School.  That’s how old the thing was.  I was happy with that lock because I never had to worry about forgetting the combination.  Now I have this fabulous, fancy and clean new lock but I have a new combination to contend with.

If you followed me before on my other blog, you will remember that I’m not that great with numbers!  Small challenge to overcome, right !?!

Baby steps…I’m going to take each new challenge in stride.

Simply Yours,


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